Fueling social fandom: a conversation with VH1, MTV and Comedy Central

By Natan Edelsburg 

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 12.23.58 AMSocial TV is coming to Brooklyn tomorrow as the Northside Festival (a major music and entertainment festival in Williamsburg in Brooklyn) cooks off. I’ll be moderating a panel on fueling social fandom with three thought leaders from the social TV space. I’ll be joined by Tom Chirico, VP of Digital and Social Engagement at VH1, Tom Fishman VP, Content Marketing and Fan Engagement for MTV and Don Steele, the Senior Vice President of Fan Engagement and Multi-Platform Marketing at Comedy Central to discuss the following. 

Marketers, public relations and social media professionals are now constantly engaged in a battle for the biggest buzz. Igniting and kickstarting that buzz requires brands to socially ignite one of their most vital assets: fandom.  Social media heads from MTV, VH1 and Comedy Central highlight how social media is ushering in new rules for developing fan bases and keeping them engaged – even in-between seasons – for the Millennial and Gen-X audience. Participants will learn how to engage fans strategically across a variety of social media networks both established and emerging. And additionally participants will hear how three of the most social networks on television are leveraging all screens and emerging platforms to help drive TV viewing.

If you’re in NYC tomorrow and can head over to Williamsburg, stop by the Wythe Hotel at 10am to hear what’s in store for social TV at these three networks.