Friday Links: 12 Years of ‘Star Wars’ Titles and More

By Karen Fratti 

starwarsIs it really Friday already? Here are some stories you may have missed this week.

1) JP Lespinasse, social media director at BET, tweeted a link to some highlights from a webinar he did for Bitly on social television marketing. You can watch the whole thing here over the weekend and learn how he strategized and succeeded in making the BET Video Awards a social hit this year. Some key points:

There are a lot of people out there who are doing a lot in social, including programming to our target audience, talking about what we talk about. Clutter is the biggest obstacle and challenge right now, making sure we get our message out there and reaching the people we want to reach.

What this means is that we have to be that much more inventive, cut-through and strategic. We focus on the platforms that give us scale – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube – to meet our goals of building awareness and site traffic. We’re also trying new platforms – including Snapchat and Ello, among others – to see what that community looks like and how we can best reach that community.

2) So, the new “Star Wars” movie name was announced and people were far from thrilled and kept it trending all day Thursday.

The Atlantic took it to a whole new level and has come up with a list of all future “Star Wars” movie titles ever.

3) MediaPost reported this week on an unlikely partnership between Disney, Google, and Apple. From their story:

The partnership underscores an increased focus for traditional media companies like Disney to stream movies online. “We set out to create an exceptional Disney experience that made owning digital movies easy and fun, and with Google Play now on board following our successful launch in February, we are able to deliver unprecedented availability and ease for consumers across a broad range of mobile devices,” Janice Marinelli, president of Disney Studio In-Home and Digital Distribution and Disney-ABC Content Distribution, said in a prepared statement.

If you buy a Disney movie, for example, in the Play store, you’ll be able to access and watch it on your Apple TV. This is all in the name of expanding Disney’s digital reach and streaming access.