Feel the Tweet: Empire Is Most ‘Loved’ of the Night

By Steve Safran Comment

EmpireFox’s show Empire had to be feeling it Wednesday night, as it saw the most tweets that expressed “love.” That’s according to data from Canvs, the language analytics platform that interprets slang and measures emotions expressed on social media. Canvs breaks down tweets by the sentiment expressed within, and calls out different emotional reactions—what it calls “ERs.”

Empire is now in season three and its episode two show is called “Sin That Amends.” That ranked a full 38 percent of the “love” ERs Canvs measured at 9:20 p.m. ET.

No spoilers here, but just a sampling of tweets to give you an idea of what a “love” tweet from the show looks like:

Other shows that saw lots of tweets that expressed “Love” Wednesday night were American Horror Story 6, WWE Smackdown and The Voice.

How about tweets that indicated people disliked what they were seeing? The most “dislike” emotional reactions went to Oxygen’s Bad Girl’s Club: Social Disruption. Out of 56,000 tweets, 21,000 were “dislikes.” There was apparently a bit of a bullying situation:

What’s interesting about the Canvs data is that is tells us how people felt as they watched TV. We get more insight than just raw numbers. Canvs filters out the plain vanilla “I’m watching my favorite show” tweets and looks for emotion. It’s not hard to see why networks and producers would want this kind of feedback. It’s deeper than a gross number of tweets, and gives an idea of the minute-by-minute impact of the show.