Fans Think Fox Is Biased Towards the Other Team

By Steve Safran 


Joe Buck (Courtesy Fox Sports)

Fox Sports is obviously biased this World Series. It clearly wants one team to win. Just which team it’s biased toward depends on who you ask. Or who you read on Twitter.

Now, anyone in the TV business will tell you this is silly. The only thing Fox Sports is rooting for is a close, seven-game series. It wants a big audience that watches long games and brings in lots of advertising revenue.

Still, Indians fans think announcer Joe Buck is pulling for the Cubs. But why? Buck used to call games for the Cubs’ rivals – the Cardinals (as did his father), so there’s not even a baseball rivalry reason why he’d want the Cubs to win. Still, this:

And there’s the wedding registry someone created at Bed, Bath and Beyond for Joe Buck and Cubs player Kyle Schwarber. Over on the Cubs fans’ side, there is some anti-Fox anger, too. Some of them think Buck and his crew want a Tribe win:

We fielded a highly scientific poll on Twitter during the game, asking fans if they thought Fox was biased toward the Cubs or the Indians. (Ed. note: Next time include “Neither.”) The results there? People voted 83% to 17% that there was a pro-Cubs conspiracy. (The sample size was 18, so science that!) It should be noted that Buck has heard these complaints before. So much so, that his Twitter bio even acknowledges it: Screen Shot 2016-10-30 at 10.48.03 PM Of course, there are some clear heads. I suspect this is the best description of the phenomenon: