Fans Clip High Drama, Tears and Name Calling

By Karen Fratti Comment

Bachelor in Paradise may not have been as big a hit on Twitter as the Bachelorette, but fans were still tuned in with 27,000 tweets seen by 962,000 people, according to Nielsen Social. We asked Whipclip to send us the top shared clips of the episode, to see what fans were really into. As usual, it’s the high drama, catty moments:

Ashley says the “slut version” of herself is her sister, Lauren

Jonathan reacts to hearing Ashley is a virgin

Marcus and Lacy from last BiP returned to get married — her vows

All of the guys really like Jade

Ashley has a crush on Jared, but can’t say anything next to him 

Carly finally kisses Kirk after waiting

Ashley is frustrated and goes into her “laugh-cry” mode

JJ says Jared looks like he would rather get beat up than go on date w/ Ashley

Jade and Tanner

Ashley doesn’t get that Jared would be into an “old lady”

Jillian upset on way home