‘Faking It’s’ Hester High Introduces ‘Breaking News’ Video Component on the School Tumblr

By Adam Flomenbaum 

20140330232930!Faking_It_2014_MTVMTV’s hit series ‘Faking It‘ returns tonights at 10:30 EST, and this season the storyline will become more interesting thanks to Tumblr.

In Season 1, we learned that the students run their school “newspaper” via Tumblr rather than an actual print edition and show fans were able to follow the news on an actual Tumblr . This season – working with Executive Producer Carter Covington and the show’s writers – MTV is upping the ante on Hester High’s Tumblr newspaper. Hester High’s news editor and will report on the school via a video series, and as something happens during the episode, ‘Faking It’ will push out her “Breaking News” piece live immediately after in real-time. 

We’ve seen these extensions before from MTV and other brands across microsites and through character perspectives on Twitter and Facebook. For example, MTV has extended storylines via webisodes and POV character pages (‘Awkward’). But it will be exciting to see how the Tumblr evolves with the show, and this is another feather in the cap of MTV’s 24/6, 365 approach to fan engagement.