Exclusive: NBC announces social TV growth for ‘The Voice’ at Lost Remote Show

By Natan Edelsburg 

We’ve covered NBC’s The Voice closely this season as the show continues to innovate in social TV. Over two years ago, The Voice set a social TV precedent in how new platforms can take a show to the next level. We’ve continued to cover the show and this season we watched as they took social to the next level again by launching #VoiceSave. Vice President of Marketing for
NBC Entertainment, Jared Goldsmith just presented results about #VoiceSave and the show’s social TV growth for the first time at the Lost Remote Show in LA.

Results for tweets for Tuesday episodes (#VoiceSave began week 8):

Instant Save Week: Week over Week Tweet Growth:
Week #1 341%
Week #2 31%
Week #3 16%
Week #4 33%

The Voice platform growth this season:


Growth %





















He described how NBC and the Voice have long looked to social and Twitter to empower the audience to have a direct impact into the on-air broadcast. Examples include:

  • The Voice: The Voice has long given fans direct input into the shows, whether by allowing them to choose an artist’s song to perform via Twitter, displaying their tweets on-air (and having coaches engage!), saving artists with the Instant Save, and much more.
  • Late Night with Jimmy Fallon: Late Night Hashtags is one of the most enduring and creative social/TV integration, with fans creating content on social that’s turned into sketches on TV.
  • America’s Got Talent: The first use of tweets as an ongoing, verified voting method for a competition reality show, a groundbreaking first for TV.
  • The Celebrity Apprentice: The Social Boardroom feature allowed the audience to sit in for Trump and pick weekly MVPs, with the Celebrity winners receiving extra donations to their charities
  • Miss Universe: Fans at home could have a say just like a pageant judge with Twitter voting for key categories.