Exclusive: Bravo Digital Media Delivers Record Q2 Numbers

By Karen Fratti 

Bravo-LogoRemember when Bravo redesigned its digital hub late last year? It’s been paying off. Today they announced record numbers in Q2 2015. Visits across all platforms are up 74 percent from same quarter last year. Some other numbers:

  • Average monthly visits to BravoTV.com mobile site Q2 2015 were up 184 percent over the same quarter last year
  • Average monthly visits to mobile app in Q2 2015 were up 191 percent over the same quarter last year
  • Average total video streams from Bravo Now mobile app in Q2 2015 were up 370 percent over the same quarter last year

The Bravo team attributes the success to the redesign. If you build a nice website, viewers will visit it regularly. They saw a 51 percent from the same quarter last year in social shares and a 495 percent increase in click backs from Facebook to the site.

They also started pushing The Daily Dish, a content hub for all things “Bravolebrity.” It’s not just recaps of The Real Housewives, but if you want to see exclusive pics of a housewife’s new baby or get workout tips from one, this is the place to do it. And you have to know your audience, there’s also not opposed to pushing E! content like I Am Cait promos. The Bravo viewer is the E! viewer and it never hurts to share the wealth.

The network’s success with their digital destinations relies entirely on creating a whole world around their content and making it communal. When someone’s mom passes away, everyone mourns. And they’re real characters, so they can blog about it, too.