EXCLUSIVE: America’s Next Top Model Final Clue

By Steve Safran 

image002Fans of America’s Next Top Model, we have a treat for you: We have the last clue about who the 14 contestants will be, and it’s here before it hits social media. The newly rebooted cycle of the show premieres on Monday, December 12th at 10 p.m. ET/9 p.m. CT. It has undergone a “reinvention,” according to VH1, which picked up the show from The CW, which cancelled it late last year.

America’s Next Top Model enters its 23rd “cycle” with a social-first attitude, according to Terry Goldman, Senior Director at VH1. Part of the excitement of the show has been about who the contestants will be. In an interview with Lost Remote, Goldman said he wanted to approach the reveal in a new way.

“We wanted to find a way to treat it really different socially,” Goldman said. “We wanted to gamify the reveal and gradually give the audience a chance to figure out the answer.”

To that end, the show has been putting clues on Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #WhatsNext. In some pictures, there’s a clue about a contestant and a number. Each number represents one of the 14 contestants. So, right now on the show’s Facebook page, you can see that #10 is an MSA model, #9 is on the radio, and #13 is androgynous. On Instagram there are pictures and number clues as well.

The social game has paid off for VH1. “We’re incredibly pleased with the fans,” Goldman told us. “To date, we’ve had a million impressions (related to the show) on Facebook and Instagram, and a 500% increase in our followers in Snapchat compared to when we weren’t posting clues.” Goldman says all of the social gaming clues will come together this Sunday, November 13.

That’s where we come in.

VH1 has given Lost Remote the premiere for the last clue. We have it before you’ll see it anywhere else. Here it is:

America's Next Top Model

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