Europe: Internet will surpass TV in 14 months

By David Johnson 

A Microsoft report, “Europe logs on: Internet trends of today and tomorrow,” finds that European Internet consumption in 2010 will average 14.2 hours per week compared to 11.5 hours a week spent watching TV. Aside from telling us that Europeans watch way less TV than Americans do (Nielsen has the average American watching 28 hours per week), the report has some trends that are worth noting:

  • While the Internet becomes more popular, it doesn’t mean that TV viewing is declining. It does mean that the viewer experience is changing.
  • TV is becoming a two-way experience via PC, mobile, and set-top boxes.
  • Research clearly shows 18-24 year olds regard the PC as the only TV screen.
  • One in seven 18-24 year olds now watch no live TV at all
  • Over the next five years, the PC will decline as the primary Internet access device. Today it powers 95% of access, with the rising trends in mobile, game consoles and Internet-TV devices, PC’s will represent 50% of internet access.

The linked story also offered this quote:
Jeffrey Cole, centre for digital future director at USC Annenberg School, said: “Rather than shrinking, television will only grow in importance. TV no longer refers to the big screen in the home but to audio and visual content that will be watched everywhere. It will become our constant companion as it escapes from the home for the first time via the mobile phone and netbook PC.”