ESPN Goes All-In For Cricket World Cup

By Karen Fratti 

Cricket-World-Cup-2015Now that we know people like soccer, it’s worth a shot to see how cricket does, right? The Cricket World Cup, which begins tomorrow and runs until March 28.

The network will be streaming every match, so you don’t have to bore your loved ones in the the living room. Though if they care to stick around, the dedicated streaming service will be available across devices, including Roku. The 49 matches are available live and recorded, in English and Hindi, for $100. Is that a deal?

If anything, it’s telling that the network is willing to go all-in for fans, of any sport. Fans can watch online through the website, or the apps that are being launched today.

ESPN is also partnering with Facebook’s program, which brings service to underserved areas, like India. ESPN says in a statement that:

ESPNcricinfo’s participation in will allow millions of newly connected people in India to get the most authoritative and trusted voice for cricket news, scores and information. Other ESPN properties, such as ESPN FC, as well as ESPN’s participation in other emerging markets, are anticipated as part of a future continuation with the initiative.

There’s also an original documentary called “The Little Master” that’s available through the subscription servce and original video content like “World Cup Vignettes,” which is highlights from past cups, “Men of the Finals,” highlighting players, “Contenders“, which is analysis of all the teams, and a travel program called “On the Road.”

ESPN’s also partnered with Google to create Now cards for fans to get updates via Android fans about the matches.