Do You Need a Snow Day? Bravo’s On It

By Karen Fratti Comment

whistlerbravoBravo’s promoting their new show Après Ski, by giving everyone an early winter “snow day.” Like we need it.

The contest starts today and runs until Oct. 11th, where viewers can post a photo or video to Twitter or Instagram showing why your office needs a snow day. All submissions should tag their company and use#ApresSnowDayContest. Bravo will select entries across social channels and select a winner. You can enter two times a day.

The real snow day will take place Nov. 2, the day of Après Ski premiere. Bravo will come to your office and you’ll receive some wintry nail art, massages, a live DJ, finger foods, a hot chocolate bar, a build your own cookie dough bar, and an animated snow globe GIF booth.

You might want to check with your boss before entering.