Disney+ to Eliminate Certain Features for Its Ad-Supported Tier, According to Report

By Jessica Lerner 

When Disney+’s ad-supported tier launches in December, certain features may not be available for subscribers of the cheaper alternative.

GroupWatch and SharePlay, features that enable you to watch a movie or show remotely with friends and family, may not be available if you’re using the ad-supported tier, according to code found by MacRumors’ Steve Moser.

Disney hasn’t issued a statement on the code discovered, which states that Groupwatch and Shareplay will be “unavailable for accounts on the ads tier.”


However, it’s always possible that this is merely a stand-in or that Disney changes its mind before formally launching the ad-supported tier on Dec. 8.

This is not the first time streamers have removed certain features for users of their ad-supported tiers.

Netflix will reportedly eliminate offline viewing when it launches its new ad-supported tier later this year, according to code Moser found in August. The code also indicated playback controls won’t be accessible during ad breaks, and customers won’t be able to skip ads, a common practice in the streaming industry.

Netflix has already confirmed not all of its content will be offered on the ad-supported tier.