Connect to all your TV viewing apps from one place, meet Plizy

By Natan Edelsburg 

We first wrote about Plizy back in October 2011. Over a year ago, the concept of curating all your video in one place was a bit early on for a social TV environment that was still only focused on real-time airings and linear. Today’s TV viewer’s iPad home screen is dominated with video viewing apps like Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO Go, Showtime Anytime and your provider’s app (if they have a good one). Now Plizy is using your social graph and let you easily navigate to each of these TV video platforms.

Plizy easily lets you navigate to your favorite TV viewing apps on your iPad or on the web. According to the company when you sign up, “you can select the services you currently use for streaming movies and TV shows,” and that “these include Crackle, Amazon Prime, Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, Hulu, Hulu+, Vudu, iTunes, and more to come.” Plizy then directs you “to the appropriate app (on iPad) or web site (browser) to watch it directly.”

The company describes itself as the “media center in the cloud.” They first launched in May 2011 and has raised $1.2 million in angel round funding in November 2010. Their boad members include, Jonathan Benassaya the CEO and founder of Plizy, David Marcus the president of PayPal, and Fred Destin a partner of Atlas Venture. A few weeks ago the company also raised d $4 million in a Series A round from Atlas Venture. If you’r frustrating multi-tasking between Hulu Plus, Netflix and iTunes on your iPad as you search for that show you really want to watch, definitely check out Plizy, which makes that process a lot easier.