Comcast’s Voice Remote Lets Users Call Up Old Oscars Moments

By Karen Fratti 

06-sally-field-oscar-acceptance.w536.h357.2xIn the lead up to the Oscars this weekend, ABC and the Academy partnered with Comcast to help viewers catch up on current and past Oscar nominees in a really unique on-demand experience. have partnered with Comcast to launch a fun, easy, comprehensive Oscars on Demand experience. For Xfinity customers, they can use the voice remote control to call up 80 of the 83 Best Picture films from the past 25 years and 20 of the 38 Oscar-nominated films for 2016.

You can also call up memorable Oscar moments from the “video vault,” so if you say “best actress 1985” you can watch Sally Field’s  now famous “you really, really love me” acceptance speech.

During this weekend’s ceremony, top moments will be uploaded to the X1 platform in real time, including red carpet interviews, acceptance speeches, and sketches, along with ABC’s live webcast of the “Oscars Backstage” show.

It’s an interesting feature for Xfinity users — the rest of us will have to content ourselves with YouTube.