CNN Reports 212 Million Video Streams for June

By Karen Fratti 

CNNCNN announced this morning that it has hit record streaming views this summer, with 212 million video streams from in June. This makes it the second month in a row that it beat out BuzzFeed and Yahoo News, Fox, MSNBC and MSN News. But are we sure it wasn’t just people laughing at the “ISIS flag” at the London Pride Parade?

Apparently people are tuning in despite the gaffes. The network also has the most minutes spent watching its original and repurposed content and 18 million unique visitors to the site, compared to Yahoo News’ 15 million and Buzzfeed’s 14 million. Here’s a full breakdown from CNN:

Video Streams

  • CNN: 212 millionstreams
  • Buzzfeed: 152 million streams
  • Yahoo News: 136 million streams
  • FoxNews: 130 million streams
  • MSN News: 56 million streams
  • NBCNews: 50 million streams

Unique Visitors

  • CNN: 18 million unique visitors
  •  Yahoo News: 15 million unique visitors
  • Buzzfeed: 14 million unique visitors
  • FoxNews: 11 million unique visitors
  • MSN News: 9 million unique visitors
  • NBCNews: 7million unique visitors

Minutes Consumed

  • CNN: 1.2 billion minutes
  • FoxNews: 1.1 billion minutes
  • Yahoo News: 861 million minutes
  • MSN News: 539 million minutes
  • Buzzfeed: 495 million minutes
  • NBCNews: 263 million minutes