Check-ins are not dead, says GetGlue

By Cory Bergman 

And it has the stats to prove it. Since March, GetGlue says check-ins on its social TV apps have soared 55% to 4 million. The company attributes much of the growth to “growing consumer interest in the emerging entertainment check-in market.”

Those check-ins go beyond TV shows to movies, music and video games — although the core of GetGlue is still focused around TV. “A check-in is the invitation to a conversation,” the company blog explains. Every day in April, over 50,000 shares went from GetGlue to Facebook and Twitter, “seeding the entertainment conversation to 40 million friends and followers.”

As we’ve written about before, those shares are highly-valued among GetGlue’s growing roster of TV partners, who crave the social promotion around their shows. Meanwhile, GetGlue captures data on who’s watching and recommending shows.

As for the longevity of mobile check-ins to TV shows, that’s still up for debate. GetGlue competitor Miso, for one, believes it’s a transitional technology. But for GetGlue, it seems to be working — at least for now.