CBS using Google AdWords to reach ‘Jericho’ fans

By Michael Gay 

Before I explain what I found, I have to admit I am one of the people who enjoyed the CBS show “Jericho.” I was disappointed when the show got canceled, but I wasn’t one of the people who sent nuts to CBS as a viewer protest. Now, CBS has announced they have ordered 7 more episodes of the show.

This post isn’t about the viewer protest and win thanks to the Internet, but it’s about how CBS is communicating the outcome. CBS announced the new shows directly to the fans using their own message board for the show. My favorite part of the message is the end, “P.S. Please stop sending us nuts 🙂

But the best way to see the CBS PR team is using the Web well happened when I searched “Jericho” on TV Sqaud. The first result was a Google AdWord telling fans they won and the show was coming back.

Impressed, I went to Google and searched it again with the same result. Searching on had the same sponsored ad as well, but Yahoo and Live didn’t.

We’ve talked before about using AdWords to reach your viewers. It’s great to see a network embracing that advice.