Burger King and Bieber Win the Fight of the Century

By Karen Fratti 

burgerking maypacThe real winners of Saturday’s fight were brands like Burger King, Nike, and Tecate, and celebrities, brands in their own way, like Jimmy Kimmel and Justin Bieber. According to Amobee Brand Intelligence, ‘consumption’ or how much people are looking at and reading about a topic across the Internet, was much higher during than the fight than the other high profile sporting events on Saturday, like the Derby or the NBA.

According to Amobee, Burger King “got over a week’s worth of publicity, just by sticking their mascot in the background of a shot at a high profile sporting event.” A spokesperson said via email that:

Looking at May 3 the day after the fight compared to May 2, digital consumption around Burger King increased 1,343%. Additionally in the last month, between April 3 – May 3, already27% of Burger King consumption has been related to that mascot appearance at the fight.

Screen shot 2015-05-05 at 10.48.31 AMTecate and Nike enjoyed the spotlight, too:

Nike, who’s swish log was on Manny Pacquiao’s shorts and shoes generated 9,207 Tweets during the 4 hours, while beer brand Tecate, which was the main official sponsor of the event, generated 4,329 Tweets during the event. The boxing movie Southpaw, which was also an official sponsor generated 1,593 Tweets.

Justin Bieber generated 100,188,000 tweets. Tom Brady attended both the Derby and gave a pre-fight interview and drove 30,015 ,000 tweets for his efforts. Tyson (9,774,000 tweets), Jimmy Kimmel’s Pac-Man t-shirt (68,859,000 tweets), and Jamie Fox (12,078,000 tweets), who sang the National Anthem, also drove conversation.

Amobee generates data by analyzing over 600,000 websites and social media platforms, including mobile.