Boardwalk Empire ignites audience by engaging with ESPN’s Jason Whitlock

By Natan Edelsburg 

When it comes to one on one social TV engagement, the value is often underestimated. While it’s impossible to respond to every single fan who tweets about a show, social TV teams are definitely fine tuning the art of engaging with the loudest influencers who can then engage with their own followers. HBO’s Boardwalk Empire and other Sunday night TV shows, went above and beyond this past Sunday in joining the conversation. Here’s how in this week’s exclusive analysis from Topsy.

When ESPN’s Jason Whitlock showed Boardwalk Empire and HBO tremendous love on Twitter, @BoardwalkEmpire was quick to ReTweet igniting a conversation. Similarly Showtime and AMC found ways to engage with top influencers from their shows. Here’s the analysis from Topsy on how the network’s benefited.

At a glance:

  • This week, top tweets were incredibly relevant for the Sunday night television shows, as shows learned to seize the opportunity to engage with influential members of their audiences.

  • @BoardwalkEmpire retweeted a relevant tweet from popular Twitter personality Jason Whitlock, a sportswriter at ESPN. This further engaged Jason, and thus, his fanbase.

  • Similarly, the folks at the @SHO_Homeland retweetedatweet from actress Brooke Burke-Charvet. This made it clear to the audience that popular personalities were watching the show and invested in the results.

  • Using the Top Tweets feature in Topsy Pro, it’s possible to find similar results for @WalkingDead_AMC. For example, actress Hilary Duff tweeted about Walking Dead that night. If @WalkingDead_AMC had retweeted her post, the show’s social team could have engaged her in conversation and connected with her fan base.


Here were the top tweets about Boardwalk Empire:

About Topsy:

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