Betty White Snickers Ad tops USA Today Super Bowl poll

By Steve Safran 

I liked the Bud Light – meets – LOST ad best, but the people have spoken, and Betty White’s their man. (UPDATE: I’m coming around to the Betty White argument. She does rock.) (See the ad.) USA Today’s focus group watched the ads during the Super Bowl and rated each. Betty (and Abe Vigoda) finished at the top with an AdMeter rating of 8.68. A close second was the Doritos dog “shock collar” advertisement, with the house built of Bud Light coming in third. (It was the first ad shown in the first break. Also – I’m putting a bid in on the house.) In all, the AdMeter rated 63 advertisements.

Toward the bottom of the pack, Danica Patrick couldn’t hold pole position. Her GoDaddy ads suffered from overexposure and the same “Too Dirty for TV” trick they’ve tried to pull off too many times. Her ads came in 60th and dead last at 63rd. And I’ve seen the “banned” ad, and it would have been off the charts bad.

As for the surprise Google ad (which I think was an effective, even touching ad), the company’s advertising debut was not a top result. It scored 43rd, with a meger 5.78, putting it just below Bridgestone’s “Your money or your life” ad and just above the preview for “Prince of Persia.”

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