Apple Spots Drive Over 21,000 Social Engagements

By Karen Fratti 

There were nine new ads that debuted this week and only one holdover from last. Among the newcomers were two from insurance company GEICO, two iPhone ads, and three automotive spots.

GEICO owned the overall most-engaging ad of the week with “Operation: It’s What You Do,” the latest entry in the company’s “It’s What You Do” campaign, powered by 2.4 million online views and over 11,000 social actions. Its sister ad, “Scapegoat: It’s What You Do” debuted in eighth.

Apple’s iPhone appeared twice on the list with the “Hardware & Software” spot, and again in fourth with the “Loved” ad. Together, they racked up 1.3 million online views and over 21,000 social actions.

The only incumbent from the week prior was Honda’s “Buddy Holly” ad, which rose from fifth to third on the strength of over 800,000 online views and 8,000 social actions. It was one of three automotive ads in the top 10 top-engaging, with the others being Infiniti’s “Vacation” spot spoofing the classic Chevy Chase flick (and upcoming Warner Bros. reboot), and Volkswagon’s “Hot Deals” ad featuring three sassy elderly ladies that we’re likely to see again on this list soon.

Top 10 Ads by Digital Share of Voice

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1. Operation: It’s What You Do

1.18% Digital SOV  2,452,803 Online Views  11,011 Social Actions

2. Hardware & Software

0.73% Digital SOV  859,048 Online Views  12,068 Social Actions

3. Buddy Holly

0.61% Digital SOV  809,474 Online Views  8,056 Social Actions

4. Loved

0.51% Digital SOV  526,838 Online Views  9,151 Social Actions

5. Letters to Dad

0.36% Digital SOV  161,840 Online Views  7,619 Social Actions

6. Bacon Mall

0.23% Digital SOV  67,950 Online Views  3,486 Social Actions

7. Vacation

0.22% Digital SOV  90,955 Online Views  4,739 Social Actions

8. Scapegoat: It’s What You Do

0.19% Digital SOV  43,062 Online Views  4,314 Social Actions

9. Model Year End Sales Event: Hot Deals

0.18% Digital SOV  11,323 Online Views  4,451 Social Actions

10. Damon Wayans, Jr. Tosses Pizza Out

0.17% Digital SOV  508,196 Online Views  240 Social Actions

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