About That Scene in The Walking Dead

By Steve Safran 

Rick Walking Dead“That does it, I’m never watching The Walking Dead again.”

That sentiment popped up a lot on Twitter Sunday night. And if you haven’t seen the episode yet, move along. It will get spoiler-y in here. The first episode of the show’s seventh season sparked a lot of emotion in people. It had a big moment. So, SPOILER ALERT LIKE CRAZY.

Now then…

Let’s let The Verge’s Bryan Bishop and Nick Statt say what everyone is thinking:

It was all building up to last night’s season premiere, when Negan and his baseball bat Lucille went after the show’s heroes. Abraham died. Glenn died. The episode added cheap tension by leading the audience to believe that Rick would cut off his son’s arm. It was horrifically violent. It was cruel.

This wasn’t quality television, and it wasn’t suspenseful drama. It was torture-porn masquerading as storytelling, and AMC should be ashamed for airing it.

Yep. The Walking Dead, a show about killer zombies, crossed a line for its fans. So we checked Canvs, the service that monitors Twitter to see how users are feeling. It processes tweets, and figures out the emotions people are showing.

Halfway through the episode, “Crazy” was the emotion that spiked. And it’s not hard to see why. That’s when Negan took his bat and began bashing skulls:

Still, there were a few fans who thought the graphic scene was part of what they liked about the show:

The Walking Dead kept people in suspense all summer, and the payoff wasn’t what many people wanted. It will be very interesting to see if the show has indeed gone too far and will now lose viewers. There were a few times when Game of Thrones saw similar sentiment, but it carried on just fine. People can get caught up in the moment of a show and feel passionate. But often that’s exactly why they love their show. And “Love” was a sentiment we saw in plenty of fans’ tweets, too.