ABC News Becomes First U.S. News App to Launch on Xbox One

By Adam Flomenbaum 

There is an ongoing battle between news properties on over-the-top platforms. CBSN has the upper hand on Roku, and now, ABC News has the upper hand on Xbox One.

ABC News is the first U.S. news app to become available on the gaming console, and will feature a mix of live streaming and on demand content. The app is launching just before Oscars weekend, and it will feature a host of clips and live video from the news division’s coverage.

“The app for Xbox One is a major step forward in our efforts to develop new creative forms of storytelling and put ABC News everywhere people get their news and information” said ABC News VP of Digital Colby Smith. “The ability to choose from multiple live streams, especially during breaking news and special events, will provide an unparalleled viewing experience for the audience.”


Below, more details via the release:

  • User is in Control: With the Snap feature users can split the screen to view ABC News live streams or top stories coverage on one side while simultaneously playing a game, watching live television, or video chatting on Skype on the other side. Users can access up to five simultaneous live streams, including ABC News’ 24/7 digital channel. In addition, the app “squeezes back” between clips, inviting users to change course by rearranging the playlists, saving clips for later or jumping into another section.

  • Added Content: Partnerships with Marvel and Fusion bring behind-the-scenes footage and interviews from ABC-Disney partners. ABC will also premier a recurring digital news update series that will expand the use of modern digital storytelling for the Xbox audience. In addition to its extensive national and international coverage, the app includes clips from ABC Owned Television affiliates including WABC in New York, KABC in Los Angeles, WLS in Chicago, WPVI in Philadelphia, KGO in San Francisco, KTRK in Houston, WTVD in Raleigh and KFSN in Fresno.

  • Morning, Evening & Weekend Editions: A curated playlist of videos begins playing as soon as the app starts with a continuous playback. Editors update content regularly throughout the day, delivering quick digests in the morning, more immersive content in the evenings and topic-themed packages to catch up on the weekends. Each edition can be adjusted for advertising sponsorships or major news events.