ABC ‘Good Morning America’ Unveils ‘Social Square’

By Jordan Chariton 

Social SquareOur sister-site TVNewser reports on “Good Morning America’s” new social media studio dubbed “social square.”

Equipped with Samsung monitors and tablets featuring Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and Spotify components, the new social media room is aimed at driving the conversation and facilitate viewer engagement, ABC News senior editor of social media Andrew Springer says.

Here are the main features of “Social Square.”

  • An Instagram video chat wall where viewers can ask GMA hosts/guests questions using Instagram videos
  • A Twitter Mirror, similar to Jimmy Kimmel’s, that allows guests to take selfies and upload them to the show’s Twitter feed
  • “Social slot machine”, that will curate viewer questions from Facebook, Twitter and Google+, generated randomly
  • Streaming music from Spotify that will allow guests to pick out songs to play on-air
  • An interactive photo wall (with tons of tablets) that will showcase pictures, video and flash poll results
  • Google+ hangouts for GMA viewers
  • Fans will be able to upload short good morning videos via Google+ that will be shown on the ABC jumbotron in Times Square

“This is our first go at it. We’re all about the future,” Springer said. “This room is built to expand.”