A recap of the 2014 upfronts from Stuart Elliott and Simon Applebaum

By Natan Edelsburg 

imagesTelevision’s most wonderful time of the year has just come to an end. The TV and digital upfronts concluded this month with some exciting new announcements on both the linear and digital fronts. Lost Remote attended many of them. If you’re not sure what news came from the parties and presentations here’s one of the best recaps out there from television expert and host Simon Applebaum and The New York Times writer Stuart Elliott. Applebaum’s show Tomorrow Will Be Televised, “is a weekly program covering the television scene,” often hitting upon important social TV themes and topics. We asked him what social TV news came out of the upfronts. Here’s what he had to say and the recap.

Applebaum told Lost Remote about a social TV highlight from The CW ufpront. “Disclosure from The CW that social media buzz was a direct factor in their decision to keep Beauty & The Beast on the air,” he described. “When asked by a reporter on the channel’s pre-upfront conference call, CW president Mark Pedowitz said Beauty & The Beast and The Tomorrow People were in contention to stay on the air, despite low ratings, an upward trend in social media buzz for Beauty convinced The CW to keep that series and drop Tomorrow, Pedowitz said.” Here’s the full show from “The Great American Radio Show on Internet TV.”

Photo from Variety.com.