Gannett digital chief steps down, says papers must do more

By Steve Safran 

Chris Saridakis

Gannett’s Chief Digital Officer, Chris Saridakis, is stepping down and he’s making some pointed remarks in his farewell note. The memo, obtained by Gannett Blog (an independent blog with no business ties to the company) is half farewell and half advice. In one such exchange, Saridakis (who founded PointRoll) addresses the charge-for-content model the newspaper industry is considering and implementing:

“I do think there is a place for newspapers and other content companies to charge for “access” to great relevant content and outstanding interactive experiences…. The experience should be new and refreshing, but also adapt to the way in which consumers want to digest this content (information, news, experience). People are more willing to pay for information that they believe will help them. In essence, charging for access has to be more than just bundling a single price for print, web, mobile, etc. The end product needs to evolve and change as technology changes.”

Saridakis is moving on to become CEO of marketing services at GSI Commerce, a digital marketing company.