24i Brings 4K/UHD App to European Market

By Karen Fratti 

tv advertisingTV app developer 24i announced today that it’s launching a 4K/UHD app for Videoland, a European based VOD provider. It will be the first 4k -UHD quality app available on Samsung, LG, and Sony smart televisions. 24i CEO Martijn van Horssen predicts that the 4K display market “could be at least $52 billion by 2020 and our work with Videoland and RTL is an early milestone in what will eventually be a standard in the market.”

Along with providing the app to Videoland’s market, 24i is also upgrading is Smart Operator app on certain platforms as a “virtual set-top box.” The Smart Operater app ensures fast software updates, which means upgrades will happen immediately on devices, better video quality and less playback bugs on smart televisions. But more importantly, in lowers the cost of logistics and service for operators. Van Horssen said in an official statement that this integration is key to continued improvements in how we watch TV:

Streaming 4K-quality content on a smart TV, without the need for a set-top box or other hardware add-on, is the future not just of ‘TV Everywhere,’ but of television itself. Being able to provide subscription or transaction-based access to 4K content generates substantial new revenue streams for TV app owners. This next-generation TV app for our longtime client RTL is the latest step in a long list of TV innovations with them, from the catch-up services we started with to the new up-and-coming cross-sell possibilities of 4K content in innovative OTT and MCN propositions, engagements and transactions.

If you’re at the INTX show in Chicago this week, 24i will be demo-ing the new technology and other app releases at their booth.