TV journalists you can subscribe to right now

By Kim Wilson 

Updated: Facebook’s Subscribe button is giving journalists a new way to connect with viewers. And while it’s still rather new, there’s a growing list of subscribe-worthy broadcast journalists. Here’s a quick round-up for your clicking pleasure…

Network TV News…
Erin Andrews – ESPN
Ann Curry – NBC News
Mark Glaser – PBS
Miles Doran – CBS News
Betsy Fisher – Meet the Press
Clayton Morris – Fox News
Mark Milian – CNN
Rosa Golijan – MSNBC
Bill Simmons – ESPN
Roger Jones – CNN
Ayman Mohyeldin – NBC News
Azmat Khan – Frontline
Shira Lazar – What’s Trending
Tahir Imran Mian – Freelance

Local TV News…
Amy Wood – WSPA
Jenny Hogan – KIRO
Sarah Hill – KOMU
Nancy Loo – WGN
Evonne Benedict – KING
Jason DeRusha – WCCO
Ian Hill – KQED
Nikki Preede Kimbleton – WJXT
Beau Zimmer – WTSP
Jen Lee Reeves – KOMU
Mekahlo Medina – KNBC
David Navarro – WABC
Andrew Donovan – WKTV
Charles DouglasHumboldt Co. cable

Thanks to Facebook’s Journalism Program Manager, Vadim Lavrusik for a heads-up on many of these. You can subscribe to Vadim here. If you haven’t enabled Subscribe on your own profile, and would like to…here’s how.

Do you know of other TV journalists who have enabled subscribe? Let us know in the comments.