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Can YouTube Ever Be Completely Safe for Advertisers?

This week underlined the inherent flaws of user-generated content portals as a sanctuary for advertisers.

BMF Co-Owner Sues Agency for Allegedly Demoting Her After Learning She Was Pregnant

A lawsuit claims the experiential shop cut evp Ashley Berg's salary by 35%.

This NYC Pop-Up Arcade Lets Visitors Experience Firsthand the Future of Storytelling

It starts this weekend in Manhattan.

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Too much cash can ultimately hamstring consumer good companies.

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People of Color Need to Be Given a Chance to Succeed in Adland Rather Than Just Fulfilling a Quota

Despite loving black culture, advertising hasn’t exactly hired black talent accordingly.

Nike Is Using Instagram’s IGTV to Share the Stories of Four Female Athletes

It teamed up with Conscious Minds on the Fight for Your Dream campaign.

Jussie Smollett Won’t Appear in This Season’s Final 2 Empire Episodes Following His Arrest

The decision was made ‘to avoid further disruption on set,’ producers say.

Despite Initial Negativity, Zion Williamson’s Blown-Out Shoe Actually Provides an Opportunity for Nike

It also showed them to be a frontrunner among athletes.

4 Necessary Components for Building an In-House Influencer Marketing Team

Brands that typically do this already have a strong strategy in place.