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Experiential Marketing and Social Media: A Killer Combo That Brands Aren’t Doing Right

Consumers want to interact and get to know the face behind the mask.

Amtrak Selects Y&R-Led WPP Team as Agency of Record

Amtrak Partnership also includes digital agency Wunderman, media agency MediaCom and cross-cultural agency Culture ONE World.

How to Overcome Obstacles and Create Winning Ad-Tech Blockchains

It isn't something that will develop over the span of a few days.

NASA Is Proving That Space Might Be the Final Frontier for Organic Social Content

The government agency has over 500 branded channels across various platforms.

Tech Skeptics Need to Face Their Fears and Embrace Artificial Intelligence

Without AI, your company immediately falls behind.

4A’s Advertiser Protection Bureau Introduces Resources for Stronger Ad Buying Guidelines

They will address risk in ad buying.

Instagram: Here’s How to Share a GIF in a Direct Message

Send moving pictures.

To Promote Her Upcoming Show, This Finnish Pop Star Appeared as an AR Cartoon in a Donald Duck Comic Book

Sanni surprises readers of Aku Ankka magazine.

Bud Light Unlocked Its Victory Fridges for Browns Fans Who Absolutely Deserved Free Beer

Celebrating success after two difficult seasons.

Envoy Acquires Agencies Bulldog Drummond and Leviathan, and Launches a Consultancy Network

The new group will focus on tech and design-based services.