TheWrap’s Jeff Sneider Fires Back at Deadline EIC

Having sparked and now read our earlier item featuring less-than-complimentary words from Deadline EIC Mike Fleming Jr., Jeff Sneider (pictured) has some less-than-complimentary words of his own.

“Mike Fleming is a f*cking loser,” TheWrap senior film reporter tells FishbowlNY via telephone. “I used to look up to Mike Fleming. Now, I pity him.”

“Mike Fleming asks, ‘What purpose is served rebroadcasting news broken elsewhere?'” Sneider continues. “Well, that is called the news, Mike. You don’t own it. And not everyone in Hollywood thinks that this is the case. Not everyone reads Deadline, a fact reflected by its now sagging numbers. More people now read TheWrap and Jeff Sneider than Deadline and Mike Fleming.”

“Every story that goes on under my byline is independently confirmed. So we don’t need to copy stories from Mike Fleming, because I have my own sources. And I also credit Deadline for every one of the news breaks. You can look at our Toronto coverage and see.”

“Fleming does not offer the same courtesy to most stories that we break,” Sneider insists. “Mike Fleming is a f*ckin gasbag who can have every dinosaur in this town. I talk to the next generation of people, the junior executives, the people who will be running the town in five to ten years. And they want nothing to do with Mike Fleming. He is a f*cking, ass-kissing sycophant who takes dictation for his sources. And to call himself a journalist is an embarrassment to his profession. I could go on for a half an hour.”

“If he thinks I give a shit what he thinks, he can kiss my Jewish ass on this, the holiest of days on the Jewish calendar [Rosh Hashanah].”

Photo via: @TheInSneider

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.