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Agencies Desperately Desire Better Feedback From Brands After New Business Pitches


With so much invested in chasing an account, execs need to know why they won or lost.

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Sara Moorthy Was Working With Data in Advertising Before It Was Cool

Leadership & Talent

From old-school advertising to today's ad tech, this marketing executive has seen it all.

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Lil’ Sweet Slidin’ Out on His Knees: The Story of Dr Pepper’s Biggest Mascot

Creative Advertising

Deutsch L.A. and Keurig Dr Pepper took a risk on a character-driven campaign, and Justin Guarini delivered a refreshing victory.

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A Blended Portfolio: How Publishers Are Integrating Their In-Person and Virtual Events


Conferences and the like are back, but they will never be the same.

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St-Germain’s Meteoric Rise to Become ‘Bartender’s Ketchup’


The fragrant French liqueur in the instantly iconic bottle only debuted in 2007.

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Question What You Think You Know With Baratunde Thurston

Creative Thinkers

From his book How to Be Black to his new PBS series America Outdoors.

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Adweek’s Women Trailblazers: 24 Standouts Elevating and Empowering Underrepresented Voices

Women Trailblazers

This year, Adweek’s Women Trailblazers issue celebrates women in media, tech and advertising who are taking equality to the next level by pulling up seats for women and other underrepresented [...]

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Hitting a Brick Paywall: Publishers Should Be Wary of Subscription-Only Revenue Models


A third of U.S. consumers feel overwhelmed by the number of subscriptions to manage.

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Infographic: How Inflation Is Changing Americans’ Spending

Data Points

Rising prices are forcing households to defer necessary and discretionary purchases.

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Michelle Yeoh Didn’t Set Out to Be a Star. She Just Stayed True to What She Believed In

Women Trailblazers

The actress talks about her start in action movies without a blueprint and how she only takes on projects she believes in