The Super Bowl Issue 2017

How Skittles Became America’s (and the NFL’s) Favorite Non-Chocolate Candy

Indeed, it is. According to Nielsen data, Skittles remains the No. 1 nonchocolate candy in America. Parent Wrigley's production lines crank out 200 million Skittles every day.

Papa John’s First Chief Ingredient Officer Gives the Chain an Edge on the Competition

Sean Muldoon's mission is as much about what's taken out as what goes in: He's the force behind the chain's new 'clean label' initiative.

Fox Is About to Learn Whether the 24 Franchise Can Survive Without Jack Bauer

24: Legacy will air directly after the Super Bowl.

A Look at All the Ways Fans Will Use Social Media During the Super Bowl

For marketers, it's increasingly important to attract Big Game viewers on social platforms, too.

How GoDaddy’s Super Bowl Ads Helped the Brand Grow Up

After sitting out Super Bowl 50 in the wake of the prior year's controversial puppy ad fiasco, GoDaddy is back in the Big Game.

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4 Smart Ways to Stretch Your Experiential Marketing Dollars

Here's how to make sure your investment in live events like the Super Bowl really pays off.

How Budweiser Created an Epic Immigrant Story to Reclaim the Super Bowl Spotlight

Does a single Super Bowl spot have the power to turn around a brand's fortunes?

Infographic: Here Are the Types of Ads Super Bowl LI Viewers Are Most Looking Forward to

Some of the results were obvious (who doesn't love cute animals?) while others were less expected.

How This Sports and Entertainment Brand Shop Became a Major Player

When it comes to crafting fun and engaging sports and entertainment executions for brands, Leverage Agency has it nailed.