The Power List

Oracle Just Expanded Its Marketing Cloud With Chatbots and New AI, Accenting a Recent Flurry of Moves

It's coming on the heels of measurement and TV deals.

Nerf’s Billion-Dollar Toy Empire Surprisingly Started With a Foam-Rubber Rock

Here's a look at Nerf's dynasty of polyurethane, from balls to blasters.

Downward Dog Is a New Breed of Talking-Animal Show, and a Marketing Challenge for ABC

ABC's game plan for marketing pet Downward Dog. The series is unconventional, but that could work in its favor.

Twitter’s New COO Talks User Growth, the NFL and the Company’s NewFronts Debut

Here's how the military and Wall Street helped prepare Anthony Noto for a job in tech.

How Agencies Are Channeling Their Pre-election Passions Into Trump-Era Political Activism

Potus is inspiring a wave of protest work from agencies across the country.

What Marketers Can Learn About Chatbots From Pros That Have Seen Early Success

We got tips for creating, executing and measuring chatbots straight from the pros.

Infographic: What Consumers Really Think About VR

Breaking down why consumers are—and aren't—ready to dive into VR.

7 Questions Marketers Should Consider When Weighing the Quality of Their Data

Sets of numbers can be opaque and poorly understood if they lack integrity, and it can become obsolete quickly.

Adweek’s 2017 Power List: Our Top 100 Leaders in Media, Marketing and Tech

The list takes into account criteria such as company value, revenue and growth, market performance, consumer reach, standing among rivals, industry accolades and media buzz.

How ‘America’s Most Dangerous Agency’ Went From Launch to the Super Bowl in Just Over a Year

Two Deutsch veterans launched the combination creative agency, consultancy and venture capital firm last January.