Storytelling/Arc Awards 2020

From Social Media at CNN to Editor in Chief at Glamour, Samantha Barry Remains a Storyteller

Glamour’s editor in chief Samantha Barry wants to continue the brand's almost-century-long tradition of telling women's stories.

Shiny Aluminum Luggage Is Popular Now, but Zero Halliburton Pioneered It

Plenty of luggage brands now offer aluminum, but Zero Halliburton is the one that pioneered it.

We’ve Been Hearing About Drone Delivery for Years. So Where Are All Those Drones?

Amazon promised the autonomous transport was coming, but it’s not yet a reality for the ecommerce giant.

How Specialized Streaming Services Hold Their Own in a Netflix-Dominated Field

Niche services are letting subscribers go deep instead of trying to be 'everything for everyone.'

Infographic: A Day in the Life of a Modern Marketer

Research from The Creative Group shows the average workday and workweek.

How Enforcing a Gender-Balanced Workplace Will Propel Brands Forward

As women find their voice and men give them the opportunity to use it, it’s time for leaders to fuel that momentum.

Why Agencies Should Be Placing Their Bets on Data, Talent and Tech

The rise of mobile, social media and Big Data have left agencies under scrutiny to pivot and address the growing list of expectations and demands from clients.