Retail Awards 2020

Even as Media Changes, the Need for a CTO Remains a Constant

Chief technology officers are at the forefront of media industry changes.

This Lyft Designer Made the Switch From Media to Tech

Chloe Park, design lead at Lyft, started out in journalism but found a new career path in Silicon Valley.

How Hot Wheels Became the Fastest Selling Toy in America

How Hot Wheels became a best-selling toy in America.

How Agencies Are Addressing Ageism

The advertising industry is making strides to become more diverse and inclusive, but older workers still feel sidelined.

Now on Hulu’s Streaming Hub, FX Expands Its Brand Beyond Linear TV

FX is expanding its brand beyond linear TV by pushing into streaming with FX on Hulu, a branded hub on the OTT service.

Editor’s Letter: Learn From the Maestro of Marketers How to Blow Up Your Brand

Join CMOs and senior marketers from the NFL to Goop at our annual Challenger Brands Summit.

31 Standout Brands Whose Resilience in the Face of Challenges Inspired Innovation

Presenting the winners of our first annual Retail Awards.

3 Tips for Entangling Creativity and Innovation in Advertising

Too often creativity and innovation remain separate, rendering each form of creativity less potent.

Infographic: When It Comes to Using Retail Apps, Women and Men Rate CX Differently

Decibel found the most used apps are: Amazon, Best Buy and Walgreens.

How DJ Khaled Has Made Confidence a Brand—and a Formula for Outsize Success

DJ Khaled talks about the brand he's created for himself and what he plans to do in the coming year.