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How the LGBTQ+ Community Got a Brand That Incites Pride and a Sense of Belonging


The rainbow flag is an inspiring, easily recognizable symbol.

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Ad Tech Is Facing the Loss of Another Important Signal: the IP Address

Ad Tech Industry News

Apple and Google are making more changes to hide signals typically used for targeted advertising.

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Why Brands Should Consider Making Connections With Budding Viral Creators


With TikTok on the rise, marketers should value the maker, not just their reach.

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The Entertainment Industry’s Next Act: Balancing Box-Office Releases and Streaming

Streaming & OTT

Big-name releases help juice subscriber numbers, but theaters remain essential.

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Infographic: LGBTQ+ Consumers Look for Genuine Brand Support That Outlasts Pride Month

Data Points

More than 60% say their retail habits and preferences have changed since last year.

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5 Risks of Performative Pride Allyship for Brands to Keep in Mind This June


When brands get woke, real humans are sometimes used as pawns.

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How These Exuberant Illustrations Made Their Way Onto Popular Products—and Adweek’s Cover

Creative Thinkers

Tim Singleton talks about what the ideal Pride partnership looks like to him.

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Editor’s Letter: Something to Celebrate

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Adweek staff recognizes LGBTQ+ leaders and moments in media, marketing and tech.