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Legacy Agencies Help Startups Gain Footing in a Slippery Industry

The Future of Agencies

Cartwright, backed by WPP, is the latest example of an agency trend that also includes David, Callen and The&Partnership.

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DTC Eyeglasses Brands See Spike in Online Sales During Quarantine


Eyewear ecommerce retailers are trying to find new ways to meet consumer demand.

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Crocs Found a Way Back Onto People’s Feet Amid the Pandemic


The ugly yet comfortable clog became a staple for bustling healthcare workers with its 'Free Pair for Healthcare' initiative.

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AR Try-On Technology Is No Longer an Alternative in the Beauty Industry


Beauty brands' augmented reality try-on tools make makeup sampling socially distant compliant.

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How the LGBTQ Community Is Supporting One Another Virtually This Pride Month


Though Pride festivals around the world may be splintered, Covid-19 has brought our community together in new ways.

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As Publishers Field Controversies, Advertisers Reevaluate Spending Opportunities


This inner turmoil could lead to a shift in brands' willingness to advertise.

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Ahead of Postponed NewFronts, Industry Leaders Talk Virtual Format, Adapting to Covid-19


Six industry leaders talk about the virtual NewFronts format and how the streaming and OTT space has evolved during the pandemic.

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Adweek Pride Stars Celebrates 15 LGBTQ Leaders in Sports, Media, Marketing and Culture

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

From Lena Waithe and Young M.A. to execs at Mastercard, MSNBC, Procter & Gamble and the NFL.

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Infographic: What Images People Are Searching for During Quarantine

Brand Marketing

Getty Images shares data on its trending searches since mid-March.