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Kids’ Apps Are Surging in Popularity During Quarantine, but Many Have Rocky Records on Privacy


Platforms are catering to these young users while grappling with a changing landscape and customer behavior.

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How Hello Kitty Became a Global Olympic Ambassador


How Hello Kitty went to space, became an Olympic ambassador and sells 50,000 different products around the world.

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How Bush’s Beans Found a Way to Venture Outside of the Canned Foods Aisle


Bush's Beans debuted a new line of snacks this year, featuring five chip flavors and two bean dips.

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Shaun Sheikh Vaulted From College Grad to Agency Co-founder

Leadership & Talent

Since its launch, New York-based Jump 450 Media has grown to an internal team of 30.

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Infographic: Cord Cutting, Streaming and Binge Watching Are the New Normal

TV / Video

TV news consumption has grown significantly during the coronavirus pandemic, and more people are streaming entertainment.

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How Agencies Can Foster More Trans-Inclusive Workplaces and Elevate the Conversation


Today’s culture hasn’t been exposed to us enough to consider transgender people as a normal part of society.

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How Adult Animation Became the Hottest Genre for Streaming Services

Streaming & OTT

Nearly every streaming service in the business is looking to add original and classic animation projects to its platform.

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As Advertisers Pull Back Spending, Agencies and Their Partners Feel the Pain

The Future of Agencies

The spread of COVID-19 has upended brands, leaving them wondering what’s next.