Consultancies and Agencies Issue 2017

This Creative Shop Broke New Ground in Cause Marketing

Creative agency True North has become an expert in bringing nonprofits into the digital era—and helping increase donations as a result.

How Spotify’s Director of Social Impact Is Connecting Music Lovers With Causes

Kerry Steib takes lessons from her time in marketing to bring together musicians and important causes and bring awareness to big issues.

From Horror Stories to Brotherly Goofs, Podcasts Head to Network TV and Streaming Platforms

The medium has existed for 20 years, but podcasts are just now being recognized for their powerful storytelling and massive fan bases.

Are Robots Like These About to Take All the Ad Jobs?

Whether it’s immediately obvious or not, artificial intelligence is playing a significant role in creating ads.

Why Barbie Wants to Show Dads Playing Dolls With Their Daughters

After introducing a diverse new array of dolls, Mattel and BBDO are working to shift consumers' perceptions about Barbie's cultural relevance.

Global Consultancies Are Buying Up Agencies and Reshaping the Brand Marketing World

As digital ad spending continues to grow, industry watchers predict the trend will only accelerate.

Ad Agencies Are Building Out Their Own Consultancies to Better Compete for Digital Dollars

Traditional shops are fighting back by launching their own practices.

How Embracing Cloud-Based Technology Is Paying Off for Advertisers

Marketers using sophisticated marketing services are seeing greater returns on investment and reaping big revenues.

4 Keys to Creating Cause Marketing That Benefits Both Brands and Nonprofits

It takes bit of art and a bit of science to build social consciousness and lift bottom lines.

Infographic: What Consumers Really Think About Cause Marketing

With social activism on the rise, more brands are aligning themselves with philanthropic causes in hopes of burnishing their reputations and their bottom lines.