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Photos: Convergence TV Summit with Leading Minds

Convergent TV

Summit speakers shared how to best navigate in the age of connected TV.

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Nutter Butter’s Origin Remains a Mystery in Spite of Its Decades of Staying Power


The peanut butter-flavored sandwich cookies celebrate 50 years on the market.

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Infographic: From Early to Late Stage, Online Video Ads Provide a Lift


Don't forget video in the late stage of the consumer journey.

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HappensInAdOps Community Optimizes by Leaning On Each Other

Leadership & Talent

Ryan McConaghy is a leader of unsung revenue heroes in online media.

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Rei Inamoto’s Agency Made a Splash Designing the NYC Ferry


Since the NYC Ferry's launch on May 1, 2017, more than 10 million riders have used it for travel.

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E-Cigarette Brands Are Continuing Marketing Efforts Following Juul’s PR Crisis


Juul competitors are continuing business as usual.

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Amazon and Google Can’t Keep Up With Local Devices in China

Voice Interaction

Amazon and Google can't compete with the fast-growing Chinese market against local players like Alibaba, Baidu and Xiaomi.

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How These 3 Brands Are Using Chatbots to Forge Stronger Relationships With Consumer

Emerging Tech

This emerging tech allows organizations to informally solve issues.

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Brands Need to Trust Creative Agencies Like They Do Consultancies


It’s time for all clients ... to place the same level of trust in creative agencies as they do in consultancies.

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Adweek’s 10 Brand Genius Honorees Don’t Know the Meaning of ‘Status Quo’

Brand Marketing

Plus, Brand Visionary Chrissy Teigen and a Brand Save nod to the determined duo behind Stand Up to Cancer.