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No Matter How You Pronounce It, Jif Is a Kitchen Staple—Especially for Choosy Moms


Peanut butter lovers are notoriously loyal to their brand of choice.

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This Ghanaian American Went From Dancing in LA to Agency Talent Acquisition in Boston

Leadership & Talent

Julianna Akuamoah started in management to finance her passion, but it led to a fervor for leadership.

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News Outlets Are Using Realistic AI to Convey Emotions and Narrate News

Artificial Intelligence

This type of technology comes as media companies double down on audio strategies.

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As Dwyane Wade’s Agency Grows, So Does the Urgency Around Fixing Marketing’s Diversity Gap

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Wade sees CAA AMP as a brand's guide through the tough conversations needed for true inclusivity.

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5 Ways Brands Can Surrender Control to Connect With Users


It’s time to confront those trust issues.

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Infographic: Connected TV and Programmatic Are Major Players in Digital Political Marketing

Data Points

This year's election cycle will see a shift in spending priorities, according to experts in the field.

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Adweek Interviews the 3 Women Who Founded Black Lives Matter—and Started a Global Movement

Awards & Honors

Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza and Opal Tometi take us back to the beginning, and reflect on the work ahead.