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Cable News Readies for 2020 Presidential Election Ratings Bump

Programming & Performance

While Fox News, CNN and MSNBC should expect another audience and ad revenue bump next year, sustaining those numbers once the election ends will be a bigger challenge.

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The Role of the CMO Hasn’t Changed, but the Way It’s Carried Out Has


While some brands are eliminating the CMO position, others are expanding the role to look at everything from performance metrics to attribution models.

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You Can Thank Prohibition for Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider


While there are other sparkling products out there, Martinelli’s points out that it’s the only one that’s 100% juice.

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Tamara Littleton Is Passionate About Helping Brands Have a Human Connection


Ensuring her agency is inclusive and her clients have a message that matches their values.

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Enterprise Companies Are Trying to Automate the Process of Making AI

Artificial Intelligence

AutoML usually refers specifically to technology that automates certain setup processes—namely, selecting a particular framework and starting parameters to best fit a given dataset—and tasks that would otherwise fall to [...]

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Infographic: 22% of Americans Will Be Heavy Buyers of DTC Brands

Data Points

According to Diffusion, retail purchases will grow over the next 5 years—despite stiff, direct-to-consumer competition.

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These Stellar Media, Marketing and Tech Execs Helped Make 2019 a Standout Year for Their Brands

The Adweek 50

Meet the 2019 Adweek 50—the media, marketing and tech execs who worked tirelessly to deliver results for brands.

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Under Marketing Chief Bruno Cardinali, Popeyes Is Eating Its Rivals’ Lunch

The Adweek 50

Popeyes marketing head Bruno Cardinali launched the chicken sandwich that started a cheeky social media war.

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3 Approaches to Marketing That Create Award-Winning Campaigns


Great fighters, like great marketers, need to possess a cross-disciplinary approach, but when training—or briefing—must treat each tactic separately.