Teatime with Tyra

The supermodel turned super mogul discusses her new site, typeF

Tyra Banks, self described "supermodel turned super mogul," heads up a Demand Media-backed "Tea with Tyra" roundtable event this afternoon before taking the stage at the Digitas NewFront conference. But first, she traded emails with Adweek about engaging with her "fams" on Twitter, writing fiction for the first time and, naturally, "smizing." Excerpts: 

How does your new site, typeF, fit into the Tyra empire?

TypeF.com is a way for me to further my objective of expanding the definition of beauty in a way that was never possible before.  I am now able to reach women across the world on a very personal level. TypeF provides women everywhere with personalized fashion and beauty tips, tricks and information that addresses their specific features and traits and ultimately celebrates their own unique style.


Is there a “how to smize” article on typeF yet?

There is not a specific "How to smize” article on typeF.com, however there are several articles that reference smizing (smiling with your eyes) but thanks for the suggestion, I am going to get right on that!


Do you write your own tweets?

I do.  I love the immediate connection I get through Twitter…and Facebook.  It's a great way to hear from other women and my "fams."  It also really allows me to connect on a personal level with a whole new set of audiences.


How involved are you in the content on typeF.com?  How personal is it to you?

The voice of the site and the content on the site absolutely reflect my ideals about what fashion and beauty should be: fun, fierce, empowering, attainable, aspirational. We are changing the definition of beauty here, people—from the personalized content targeted to each individual on typeF to my blogs posts and web series Fa-Fa-Fa Fashion. Saying that I am simply "involved" in typeF understates how connected I am to this online experience.


We hear you are writing a fiction book series called "Modelland." Already plotting to turn it into a movie, TV show and/or web series?

I hope for all of those things and more.  I am really excited about the"Modelland" fantasy book series which will hit stores on September 13th.  Writing a novel was one of the hardest and most creative things I have ever done.  I am used to creating very visual properties, so creating characters and a whole, beautiful, fantastical world out of words was an amazing challenge.


What inspires you right now?

Truly innovating the way my company markets and communicates about our properties is extremely inspiring to me right now.  We spent months around a conference room table discussing the best ways to get audiences involved and enthusiastic about typeF.  Now we are working on coming up with creative ways that where we can zag with the launch of "Modelland" book series.  I am inspired by new ideas and thoughts to break through all of the clutter out there.


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