Walmart’s Janey Whiteside and Unilever’s Debora Koyama on Responding in a Global Pandemic

The two leaders discuss navigating challenging times with optimism, innovation and growth on the premiere episode of 'The Business of Marketing'

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Today we launch The Business of Marketing, a new show in partnership with SAP featuring CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, CHROS, and other C-Suite members to dive deep into the intersectionality of Marketing, Finance, Technology, HR, and the Board Room to drive business growth.

As the Role of the CMO and Marketing took a giant leap forward in 2020, given the critical role they play through times of crisis inside and out, it is essential to understand how CMOs can further their credibility and extend their influence across the C-Suite, their organizations and their communities. The Business of Marketing brings in perspective from other seats at the table and will shed light on what it takes to be a leading CMO, driving growth collectively, with your peers and stakeholders.

On today’s inaugural episode, we welcome Janey Whiteside, Chief Customer Officer of Walmart and Debora Koyama, Global Growth Operations Officer of Unilever. Together they share how they are navigating challenging times with optimism, innovation and growth, how the C-Suite unifies to deliver on company, customer, and employee objectives, and how the CMO and Marketing can best power advancement for all.

Tune in to hear more on how they are growing their businesses, how they are working with their CMOs and what they believe is critical for today and into the future.

Don’t miss Janey’s perspective from her seat as Chief Customer Officer, whose role is to look after all the customer touch points and make sure that Walmart is thinking horizontally across the business to solve problems on behalf of the customers to make their lives easier. The CMO, William White, reports into Janey and here is what she had to say about marketing:

Debora brings a complimentary perspective from her seat as Global Growth Operations Officer of Unilever, working in partnership with the CDMO of Unilever. Here is what she had to say about opportunities for the future for CMOs to not lose sight of:

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