Tiffany Zhong CEO of Zebra IQ Decoding Gen Z in Real time

Tiffany Zhong is a serial entrepreneur at just 22. Zebra IQ is her sixth business endeavor that applies all the skills she gained from her first five adventures: a magazine, an education tech startup, a social app, a product finder and a full-time investor. Her mission is to help brands better understand Generation Z by offering them an opportunity to get real-time feedback from Gen Z consumers. She named her latest company, Zebra IQ. Why? Because Zebras can’t be tamed, just like Gen Z, and they may appear the same from a distance but if you look really closely, every Zebra has unique stripes. Read on to learn about Tiffany’s unique stripes and why Zebra IQ, which just launched, will become a critical vehicle for brands to optimize their marketing and product development efforts.