From Wall Street to Fashion to Tech, How The Trade Desk CMO Stays on the Cutting Edge

Headshot of Nadine Dietz

From her early days in finance to fashion, to now adtech, Susan Vobejda defines her professional journey so far as a learning career. And with the desire to be on the cutting edge of tech and data-led growth, Susan made the move from CMO of Tory Burch to CMO of The Trade Desk. But even with a firm grasp on data as what she refers to as one of “the most important asset that you have,” Susan stresses the value of creativity for marketers.

“As much as I’m currently working in a company that helps marketers deploy data and technology to grow, I think creative is one of the most important pieces of what we’re doing as marketers because you have to be able to tell your story. You can do amazing targeting, but if you’re not telling your story in a compelling way that resonates emotionally, you’re not going to get noticed in this day and age.”

Since taking the marketing helm at The Trade Desk two years ago, Susan has made it her mission to help find the soul of the brand – and she’s done it by telling people-centric stories. From the company’s recent “Media for Humankind” campaign, which zeros in on the benefits of the open internet, to a campaign spotlighting the behind-the-scenes traders within the agency ecosystem.

In this episode, find out how Susan markets the programmatic advertising platform with a B2C mindset, how she’s thinking about data and the differences between the open internet and “walled gardens.” Oh, and the burning question of whether or not are our phones are listening to us to target ads? Yes, we touch on that too. Nadine Dietz is chief community officer at Adweek and host of the CMO Moves podcast.