The Secrets on How to Effectively Lead a 1:1

How Good Leaders Effectively Use These Meetings to Motivate Their Teams 

Mastering team motivation requires a carefully curated approach consisting of key motivational factors, limiting leadership pitfalls, and an overall personalized approach based on each individual’s career stage. The 1:1 is a critical piece of team motivation as it acts as a dedicated space on the calendar for managers and team members to discuss goals, progress, challenges within the business, career aspirations, and to personally connect. Ben Horowitz, cofounder and general partner at the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, describes a 1:1 as a “free-form meeting for all the pressing issues, brilliant ideas, and chronic frustrations that do not fit neatly into status reports, email and other less personal and intimate mechanisms.” However, what does it take to run a good meeting and most effectively motivate your team members?