Special Edition: CMOs and the Culture Conundrum

Seven marketing chiefs open up about maintaining team health and staying ahead of the curve

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“As a CMO, what keeps you up at night?” That’s the question I’ve been asking the guests on CMO Moves for the past few months in an attempt to uncover one of today’s biggest challenges for marketing chiefs. The answers were similar across the board, no matter the tenure of the CMO, no matter the industry. The resounding theme? Culture. From the challenge of retaining talent and fostering an inviting culture on the inside to the necessity of moving at the speed of culture on the outside, marketing leaders have to prioritize both (and find the synergies between them) in order to thrive in the future.

Poshmark CMO Steven Tristan Young noted “I can deliver on my promise for the business myself, but I have to deliver it through my team. And if my team is not feeling engaged… that’s what keeps me up at night.”

Exos CMO TJ Abrams added “I recruited the best of the best, but in order to keep them, we’ve got to continue to make sure that we’re operating with really high EQ, meaning I understand and we can meet people where they are and be flexible.”

In this special edition, hear from seven CMOs from brands like Wendy’s, Campbell’s and Snap Inc. on those specific challenges while me and my co-host Jabari Hearn, svp of marketing at Westbrook Media dish on their perspectives and share a few of our own.