Buffalo Wild Wings CMO Seth Freeman Bringing Death to Domestication

Headshot of Nadine Dietz

When Seth Freeman, CMO of Buffalo Wild Wings, reached out and asked if I wanted to talk sports, bars, wings and beer, I mean come on, how could I resist?  His ferocious excitement around how he and his team are rejuvenating the Buffalo Wild Wings brand to become the Great American Sports Bar had me completely intrigued.  The former Wall Street darling brand seemed to have lost its way and the team is on a mission to bring it all back with ROAR.  Literally, tune in and you’ll hear Seth ROAR.

In all seriousness, Seth and his team are truly rejuvenating the brand.  In this episode, he takes us through his journey of taking on the CMO role and every step along the way to uncover what was missing, and how that laddered up into the latest campaign released last week – just in time for March Madness.


“When we were out doing research, we were talking to guys that said they didn’t feel like they had freedom at Buffalo Wild Wings anymore. They didn’t feel like they could come and be themselves. They used to be able to go to a sports bar and watch the game and yell at TVs and get a little crazy with their friends. But they felt like the proposition had changed over time and it had become a little bit too domesticated.”

Hence where they drew the line between what they stand against – domestication – and what they stand for – inspiring legendary experiences.  Join us in this fun adventure through creating a new brand architecture and actively tearing down old walls to open up new spaces with his marketing and agency teams and the 80,000+ employees, A.K.A. true brand ambassadors, to bring back free-spirited camaraderie at the sports bar.

nadine.dietz@adweek.com Nadine Dietz is chief community officer at Adweek and host of the CMO Moves podcast.